During several years' experience in teaching sewing, I felt the need of a text-book which would explain needlework from its rudiments and give directions for practical demonstration in class work. For my own use, I planned a course of instruction for the pupils of the W. H. Lincoln School, Brookline. Its use has given such satisfactory results that a demand has arisen for its publication.

For valuable assistance, sincere thanks are due to Miss Marion S. Deveraux, First Superintendent of the South End Industrial School, Rox-bury, Mass.; Mrs. Joshua Crane, Member of the School Board, Brookline, Mass.; Miss Florence M. Starbuck, Teacher of Drawing, South End Industrial School, Roxbury, Mass.; and Mr. Arthur R. Wilmarth, Photographer, Jamaica Plain.

C. F. J

Jamaica Plain, Mass., April 9, 1893.