Use 2 lengths of braid at the same time. Into 1st braid make 1 d c,

6 ch, 1 d c into each of the next 2 loops, turn and work 4 d c over the

6 ch, then 3 ch into 2nd braid. 1 d c,

6 ch, 1 d c into next 2 loops, turn,

4 d c over the 6 ch, 3 ch, to 1st braid.



Continue in this way till the corner is reached, then from the 1 d c in top braid carry 8 ch to lower braid, miss 1 loop, then work 4 d c in the 8 ch, from the 4th d c work 4 ch back to lower braid, miss 2 loops and join with d c, work 4 d c over this 4 ch, 1 d c to middle of 8 ch, 4 ch back again to lower braid, miss 2 loops and return with 4 d c to centre of 8 ch, 3 ch to top braid and continue as before. When the next corner is required work in same way as just directed, but this time making the spray of 3 bars join to upper instead of lower braid. When the loops of braid are reached, curl the upper braid to size of oval required and work the stitches going into upper braid through double loops at the joins to hold firmly.

For the outer edge work 1 d c into every loop with 2 ch between. At corners miss 3 loops. Round the edge of the ovals work 2 tr into each loop with 2 ch between. Have the same number each side.

The pleated net should then be tacked to the depth of the middle part and the insertion placed in position and edges sewn. Afterwards place upon plain net and sew the other side of the insertion.