When making a bone-cased bodice-lining, all the bone-casings should be eased when sewing on, and sewn very strongly down each seam. Also it is much better to use a good quality Prussian bind, or galon, for the bone-casings than a cheap one, as it costs very little more, and will probably last as long as the dress.

Then for this purpose there is really nothing to beat the ready-cased feather-bone, which is sold by the yard at the best drapers, and may be obtained with a silk or satin casing, as well as a cotton casing, either in black or white; the silk or satin-cased feather-bone is especially suitable for evening and best dresses which have a silk or satin bodicelining. This has only to be stitched on to one side of the turnings of the seam, as closely as possible to the stitching of the seam. After it has been stitched on, and the ends of the stitching tied off and fastened strongly, a tiny piece of the whalebone (about half an inch) should be cut away from the inside casing, leaving just sufficient of the casing to neaten the end.