Limerick "Run" Lace is one of the most expensive of the Irish laces. Exquisitely dainty in appearance and extremely fine in texture it requires the very best and finest of net made specially for the purpose. The design is placed under the net and the outline gone over with running stitch through the meshes. For this purpose very fine thread, Limerick Lace Thread No. 250 is used doubled. The single thread is employed for darning the meshes within the design, running the threads through the meshes first in one direction and then across. Any lace stitch may be used for the filling, and as a general rule the background is left clear. A fine pearl edging sold for the purpose is usually sewn round the edges of this lace to finish it. The pretty design illustrated would be suitable for a handkerchief border, or would make a delightful corner for a square collar.

Limerick Run Lace 99