The Cult of The Needle 7

The little squares here shown would make attractive d'oilies, or could be used as inlets in a larger piece of work. Many of the stitches used are similar to those in Hardanger work, and workers will easily follow them with the aid of the enlarged details given.

For this work use Congress canvas, with Peri-Lusta for the embroidery.

The little Star d'oily requires a 7-inch square of canvas. The work is commenced at the centre. When the centre is settled point out a little square of four threads and begin the work as the detail shows. The little triangles have 21 stitches, the larger covers 12. the shortest 4 threads; the 4 triangles make a square of 28 threads. The openwork squares around the triangles have 21 stitches on each side, the stitches cover 4 threads. When the squares are worked round, cut off the threads at the inside of the square as follows:- Cut away 4 threads on each side of corners, then leave 4 threads for weaving, and again cut away 4 threads on each side until you have 9 little squares in each square. The 4 threads you sew over and over as shown, and when starting on the middle of each bar the thread should be looped and twisted to the other. For the outer solid portion every diamond is made of 23 stitches, the shortest covers 4, the longest 16 threads.

The Diagonal d'oily measures the same as the previous one. Here the work is also started at the centre. The squares are made by 21 stitches over 4 threads, 7 squares are to be worked diagonally across the linen. On each side of the squares the solid triangles already described should be made 12 on each side.

When finished, work along the triangles the little squares of 4 threads, 36 on each side. Then start at the 12th little square and form a large square on each side as shown, each square contained by 12 little squares. In the centre of the big square make a little square of 4 threads, having on each side 5 stitches over 4 threads. The star is made of 17 stitches on each diamond, the shortest 4, the longest 8 threads. The little diagram is made by 12 stitches, the shortest over 4, the longest over 12 threads.

The separate detail of this section shows a rather more elaborate diagram, composed of 20 stitches and having a cross-stitch in the middle. The triangle in openwork has on the outside 53 stitches over 4 threads. After outlining it, cut the threads as for Hardan ger work, and work over and over the 4 threads each way that are left. For the openwork squares leave 4 threads in the middle of each side, cutting away the remaining threads, carry the working thread from corner to corner, and work over and over the bar;; formed.