Cut this breadth thirty (or more) inches wide.

Cut the band three and one-half inches wide, and one inch longer (to allow for lapping and making) than the waist measure.


In a gored skirt, the bias edges should be towards the back. Place the straight edges of the side-breadths to the front-breadth, and pin them together at the ends and in the middle. In sewing the seams, hold the bias edge towards you, fulling it a little if necessary; or the bias edge can be held smoothly, afterwards cutting off the extra length at the lower edge. Sew the back-breadth to the side-breadths in a similar manner. Make a four inch hem at the lower edge, laying a small plait at each seam for the fulness. In the middle of the back-breadth make a placket ten inches in length. Put the upper edge into the band, allowing more fullness at the back than in the front.