Take a piece of paper twenty-two inches long and fourteen inches wide.

1. Place the narrow side of the paper horizontally in front of you.

2. Write your name and school two inches from the left-hand side of the paper, and eight inches above the lower edge. Under the name of the school, put in a column the words, waist measure, twenty-two inches; leg measure, seventeen inches; knee measure, thirteen inches.

3. Mark the upper left-hand corner A, the upper right-hand corner B, the lower left-hand corner C, and the lower right-hand corner D (Fig. 106).

4. Make a dot two inches above C; mark it E.

5. Make a dot two inches above D; mark it F.

6. Draw a dash-line from E to F.

7. Fold the paper under on the line; this is for the hem.

8. Make a dot seven and one-half inches above F; mark it G.

9. Make a dot three inches below A; mark it H.

10. Make a dot four inches to the left of. B; mark it I.

11. Draw a line from H to I.

12. Draw a line from G to I.

13. Make a dot eight and one-half inches to the right of E; mark it J.

14. Draw a light dash-line from G to J.

Fig. 106.

Fig. 106. - Child's drawers.

15. Draw an inward-curving line from G to J, allowing one-inch curve in the middle. Erase the dash-line.

16. Without unfolding the hem, cut the pattern on the outside lines.


For drawers this size, one and one-fourth yards of material are required. Fold the cloth lengthwise fourteen inches from one of the edges, and pin the thicknesses of cloth together at the selvedge edge. Unfold the hem, and lay the longest edge of the pattern on the fold, with the lower edge at the raw edge of the cloth. Carefully pin the pattern on, and then cut. Remove the pattern, lay it on the other end of the cloth in the same manner, and cut the other leg. For an opening at the side, cut a slit on each fold seven and one-half inches deep. Cut two lengthwise bindings, each three inches wide and twelve inches long. The lower edge is cut by a thread; begin there to baste, and, if one side proves a little longer than the other, pare it off. Sew each leg as far as G (Fig. 106). Place the right sides of the legs together, with the seams exactly meeting. Turn one seam to the right, and the other to the left, and pin. Beginning at G, sew the upper portions together. Fold and sew the hem of each leg. At the side openings, make narrow hems and set in gussets. If preferred, the openings may be faced of bound. Leaving two inches at each end, gather each side, and put on the bindings, allowing more fulness at the middle.