The various forms of manual training furnish subjects for language work, both oral and written, and sewing as a distinct and recognized form of manual training, should receive, from both the sewing teacher and the class teacher, attention as a means for the expression of thought in composition work. Compositions should be required on topics selected from the various subjects in the sewing lessons. The topics for the lower classes may be given on the different stitches, and for the older classes, on drafting, cutting and making of garments. "The benefits derived from a knowledge of sewing," "the source and manufacture of materials used in sewing," "history of a garment," and kindred subjects may be suggested as additional topics, according to the line of work pursued.

If the pupils have taken drawing in connection with sewing, they will be able to illustrate their compositions. The compositions should be looked over by the sewing teacher to determine the correctness of the knowledge of the pupils.