The models obtained from the lessons may be mounted for exhibition in a kindergarten mounting-book or a scrap-book. An inexpensive book may be made of manilla paper, securing the leaves together with ribbons or fasteners, and made attractive by a bright cover. A class-banner may be made of the models by sewing them together, then lining and mounting them. The models may also be mounted on a strip of cardboard, folded backward and forward, the last fold being doubled over the others. Sample models from each class may be arranged on a large sheet of cardboard, with the pupils' names written on labels. Inexpensive stands may be made for the exhibiting of dresses, by fastening a standard, in the form of a cross, into a solid block of wood. The cross-bar for the shoulders of the dress may be straight or curved. For a child's dress, the block of wood should be eight inches square, the upright thirty inches high, and the cross-bar eleven inches wide. For a larger dress, the block should be ten inches square, the upright fifty inches high, and the cross-piece seventeen inches wide.