The importance of instruction in sewing in the Public School is now generally recognized. As manual training comes into greater prominence, new methods and helps are necessary. The demand for these was felt by the author, and this book is the result of practical experience in the class-room. Its purpose is to assist both teacher and pupil; lightening the teacher's labors by saving constant repetition, and giving the pupil a manual for reference, with the hope that the information thus acquired will assist in fitting her for the duties of life. Simplicity with completeness has been the aim throughout.

In the teacher's edition, the work is further supplemented by practical hints and suggestions as to successful methods of teaching the lessons, and by courses of study for Kindergarten, Primary, and Industrial Sewing. It also contains a list of articles obtainable for a sewing cabinet, and talks on kindred subjects.

The author wishes to acknowledge her indebtedness to the teachers who have so kindly assisted her, and to members of the School Board for their advice and interest in the preparation of the work.