Running and a backstitch consists of two or more running stitches and a backstitch, taken alternately.


No. 8 needle, No. 50 thread, and a half-yard strip of cotton cloth, doubled and basted.

Fig. 22.

Fig. 22. - Showing the stitches, and needle in position for putting away the work.

1. Begin as for running.

2. Take three running stitches.

3. Take one backstitch.

4. Repeat, which will cause every third and fourth stitch to meet (Fig. 22).


Another method is to take three running stitches, making the third twice the length of the others, and then, putting the needle back to the middle of the last stitch, proceed as before. In this manner, the stitches on the right side resemble running, but on the wrong side there is a slight difference. Running and a backstitch is used when the seam needs to be sewed a little stronger than by running.

Of what does running and a backstitch consist? When is running and a backstitch used?