No. 8 needle, No. 60 thread, pins, scissors, and a piece of cotton cloth five inches square, cut by a thread.

Fig. 84.

Fig. 84. - Showing the corner creased for cutting.

Fig. 85.

Fig. 85. - Showing the corner and hems basted.

1. Cut off one corner, one-fourth of an inch deep.

2. Fold, one-fourth of an inch, the two sides which are at right angles with this corner, and crease by a thread.

3. On each side make a crease, by a thread, one inch from the edge of the fold (Fig. 84), for a hem.

4. Make a pin-hole where the creases meet (Fig. 84, a).

5. Open all the folds, and make a diagonal crease across the corner, one-fourth of an inch outside the pinhole (Fig. 84).

6. Cut on the crease.

7. Holding the bias edge of the cloth, at the upper left-hand side, fold and baste, by a thread, the upper hem.

8. Fold and crease the bias edge one-fourth of an inch.

9. Fold the hem at the side, making the edges of the two hems meet at a right angle (Fig. 85).

10. Baste the corner fold and side hem.

11. Hem the folds down, taking the stitches at the corner fold through only one thickness of cloth.

What is mitreing a corner? How are the strips placed together? How should the edges of the two hems meet?