As in the preceding stitches, after counting a space of six threads of the canvas, begin the first line of hemming by taking a slanting stitch of two threads, leave one space, and take another slanting stitch. Call the attention of the pupils to the neat appearance of the even lines, stitches, and spaces, and let them, as before, start the third line without help. There is nothing more important than a standard of taste, and no opportunity should be neglected to establish a correct standard. This can be best accomplished by inciting admiration for that which is excellent.

Questions And Answers

What is the slanting stitch we are now learning called? Ans. Hemming.

For what is hemming used? Ans. For sewing a piece of cloth back upon itself.

Why is cloth turned back upon itself? Ans. To finish the edge.

Give an illustration. Ans. The bottom of an apron.