Materials: Creton, three pieces, 3 1/4"x22", 3 1/4"xl3", 3" 1/4xl0"; thread; needle No. 7.

The following are the successive steps:

1. Turn in one-fourth inch around the three pieces and baste.

2. Hem one end of the short piece; hem one end of the middle sized piece.

3. Lay the wrong side of the middle sized piece to the wrong side of the long piece, even at the end turned in only, and baste the two pieces together.

4. Make the pocket for the ruler, pencil and eraser the desired size by backstitching.

5. Lay the wrong side of the short piece to the right side of the middle sized piece even at the same end and baste.

6. Overhand the three pieces together, taking care to fasten securely at the top of the pockets.

7. Fold the flap on the long piece to just meet the top of the long pocket. Hem it down at the end and overhand the sides.

8. The pupils will furnish snaps (2) or buttons for fastening.