Materials: Outing flannel 10 1/2"X l4": luster cotton; white thread; needle No. 7; crewel needle; pattern.

N. B. The kimona may be cut in one piece with under-arm seams or in two pieces with an additional seam in the back.

The following are the successive steps for making the kimona:

1. Pin the pattern to the cloth and cut around it.

2. Baste the seams; backstitch the seams one-fourth inch from the edge; clip the seams three times at the turn under the arm.

3. Open the seams and baste flat to the cloth.

4. Finish the seams with a fine herringbone stitch.

5. Turn in to the wrong side one-eighth inch around the kimona; baste.

6. Practice the blanket stitch over a folded edge before doing it on the edge of the kimona with the luster cotton.

An alternating long and short stitch makes an attractive edge, or the stitches may be placed in groups of three or five.