This is a most useful lesson. In every home there are to be found garments which are made of good materials but which are out of style. This should be utilized and these old garments not allowed to accumulate. Do not spend time on outworn garments. A wool dress skirt, even though faded, or a light overcoat may be turned and made into warm clothing for children.

Rip up the garment and carefully wash and iron the pieces. Do not be afraid of piecing when making a garment over, being sure that the pieces run the same way of the cloth and that the seams are pressed and finished with the flannel or the flat seam.

Secure from the home a pattern for a pair of drawers, bloomers or little skirt for a little brother or sister or for a poor child of the neighborhood.

+A doily may be selected for a Christmas gift.

Materials: A doily may be purchased already stamped if desired. Select a simple, artistic design which requires simple embroidery stitches and not too much labor.

See description of ornamental stitches, page 77.