Doll s Hammock 48

This is made of flat web. A hammock eight by twelve inches requires five and one-half yards. Sew this into an oblong piece twelve inches long and eight inches wide.

Secure a piece of cardboard three inches longer than the oblong piece and one inch wider.

Round off the corners with a pair of scissors (see illustration), and cut notches or slits in ends one-half inch apart. Sew two brass rings in the center of one side, and on the other baste the oblong piece which is to be used for the hammock. Then with a needle and a long piece of the knitting cotton begin making the ends of the hammock by securing one end of the sewing string to the hammock and bring it over the end of the cardboard in the first slit from the end and through the ring on the opposite side of cardboard; back over cardboard, through second slit and through hammock.

So continue until one end is finished. Do the same with the other end. These strings may be held in place by putting three or four rows of weaving just underneath the rings.

Clip the basting stitches and remove from the cardboard. Make fringe as for shawl.