Doll s Sweater 37

This is made of five and one-half yards of flat web cut into pieces of a desired length. Cut three pieces seven inches long for the front. One inch and a half of this will also form the neck. When cutting, clip only one stitch and pull out the ends.

The next two pieces are cut five and one-half inches long and sewed one on each side of the front one inch and a half below the top end. Each succeeding row is made a little shorter to form the shoulder, the shortest pieces forming the outside edges.

Make the back of the sweater in the same way and sew front and back together, leaving one and a quarter inch opening on each side for the sleeves.

The sleeve is made of five pieces, the longest piece being three inches, and the shortest two and one-half inches long. Sew these pieces together to form the sleeve. When sewing it into the sweater, place the longest part at the shoulder seam and stretch the armhole while sewing it in.