Little Boy s Hat 32Little Boy s Hat 33

Measure the child's head for the size of the hat. Make the crown of the hat one-half of this measurement. If the child's head measures twenty-two inches around, make the crown eleven inches in diameter. The crown is circular and is made in the same way as the circular mat, taking two stitches of web and sewing them into one stitch of the crown already sewed to keep it flat. When it is of the desired size, begin the side by sewing one stitch of the web into one of the crown, at the same time holding the web to be sewed directly under the last row in the crown.

Make the side twice as long as the desired height of the hat. For instance, if the desired height is to be three and a half inches, make the side seven inches long, as one-half of this measurement is turned up.

Two colors may be used, one color for the crown and one for the side. Red and black or red and white are pretty combinations.

A doll's hat of the same style, the crown three and a half inches in diameter, requires five yards of round web.