Little Red Riding Hood 28Little Red Riding Hood 29

The doll shown in illustration is ten and one-half inches tall. To make cape and hood in one piece sew two rows of flat web, six and one-half inches long, for the center of the back. These two rows will also give the desired fulness. The next five rows are made nineteen inches long, or long enough to reach over the head and down to form the two sides of the cape and hood. After these five rows are completed, sew five rows six inches long on each side of the front of the cape, to make it wide enough to meet across the chest.

Close the cape and the hood in the back. The part above the six and a half inch rows will form the hood. Draw in the top of these two short rows and sew to the base of the hood. Put in a draw-string around the top of the right side of the cape in front, carry it around the base of the hood, around the top of the cape on the left side and tie in front.