Muffler 42

This may be made of round or flat web. Make the part to go around the neck first. In this model the neck band is ten inches long and three inches wide. Sew four rows of flat or six rows of round web for the neck. Begin three inches from the ends to make the front. Gradually shorten each row until it is of the desired length.

Make loops of twisted yarn and sew to one end of the neck band to slip over the buttons. Sew the buttons on the opposite end and on the inside where they will be hidden while the muffler is being worn.

Made Of Knitting Cotton

Knitting cotton can be secured at any department store. It comes in colors white, black, red, navy blue, and mixed colors. This is not as elastic as worsted and is used where strength is required, such as bags, hammocks, wash-cloths, etc. It is very inexpensive and can be used to great advantage.