This tapestry is one of two picturing the Story of Herse lent to the Metropolitan Museum by Mr. George Blu-menthal. Of all the Renaissance tapestries with which I am acquainted, none pleases me more than this. It is wonderfully rich with gold and silver that are in splendid condition, the gold being inserted in basket weave in many parts of the border and panel so as to give an indescribably rich brocaded ground effect against which the ornament and figures rise by contrast. This tapestry is a masterpiece of the weaver's art, and we are fortunate enough to know the weaver, Willem Van Pannemaker, of Brussels, whose monogram appears in gold in the right selvage. This is the Pannemaker who wove the magnificent set the Conquest of Tunis for Charles V, and whose monogram appears on so many of the splendid tapestries in the Royal Spanish Collection. The border of the tapestry before us is like the side borders of the Vatican Acts of the Apostles set, and like the side and bottom borders of the corresponding Acts of the Apostles set in the Royal Spanish Collection.

Bridal Chamber Of Herse 26