Vertumnus And Pomona

This is the most perfect Beauvais-Boucher tapestry I have ever seen, and the illustration is singularly fortunate in suggesting - though not in reproducing - the exquisite tones of the original. It is 10 feet 2 by 8 feet 6, comes from the Casimir-Pèrier collection, having been acquired about 80 years ago by the grandfather of the late President of France, was designed by Frangois Boucher, whose reversed signature (F. Boucher 1757) appears on the edge of the marble table, and was woven at Beauvais by A. C. Charron, who in 1753 became manager of the works on the death of Nicolas Besnier. It is valued at $120,000 and was in America only just long enough last winter for me to have the colour plates made.