This material is extensively used in the various productions of which we are about to treat. The kinds usually employed in Knitting Netting, and Crochet, are purse silk, or twist; coarse and fine netting silk ; second sized purse twist; plain silk ; China silk; extra fine, and finest netting silk; second sized netting silk; coarse and fine chenille, and crochet silk. These are so well known that it would be a waste of time to describe them in detail. They are of a great variety of colors, and of different qualities ; some sorts being much more durable, both in fabric and color, than others No young lady should trust, at first, to her own judgment in making the selection: but a little attention will soon render her a proficient in the art of choosing the most profitable materials. The China silks of the French surpass all others, of that kind, with which we are acquainted, both as to the nature of tints, and the brilliancy of the various dyes and shades.


This is of various colors and shades; German wool, single, and double ; Hamburgh wool, fleecy, of three, four, five, six, seven, and eight threads; embroidery fleecy Shetland wool; English wool, coarse yarn, for mitts,