The recent extensive development of manual training schools, with wood and metal working equipment, is a long-delayed but very welcome addition to school work. Aside from the educational benefit, the training received in the use of tools will be valuable in after lifetime, if to no other purpose than the ability to do constructive and repair work in the home. Such training is not restricted to these narrow limits, however, but embraces the mercantile and manufacturing field as well. The knowledge acquired in such a school broadens and develops the perspective, and fits the graduate for many kinds of business life as does no other form of school work. This is now becoming so well recognized by those interested in educational work, that manual training courses will soon form a part of the curriculum of every school.

To those who are without a complete outfit of tools the plan adopted by several young men in one of the cities adjoining Boston may be of inter-est. They united to form a work-club or guild. One had a barn which was not in use and which was fitted up with workbench, tool-chests, etc., as a workshop. Each one purchased a part of the outfit of tools, which he owned, but which all used in common. Any one breaking a tool replaced it with a new one, retaining the broken one. A small contribution from each paid for the light and heat. Many of the tools were obtained as premiums for new subscribers for Amateur Work. This plan could undoubtedly be used to good advantage by many of our readers.

The increasing interest in Amateur Work shown by our readers is greatly appreciated by the publishers. Our thanks are extended for the many helpful suggestions received. It is by such means that the usefulness of this magazine can be enlarged and its facilities extended for providing interesting topics. If any reader has constructed any device which would be of general interest to our readers, a description of it would be welcome and the same published as soon as space permitted. Several articles contributed by readers appear in this and the next number.

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