Laboratory Phpsics. Dayton Clarence Miller. Cloth. 404 pp., 8 1/4 x 5 3/4, $2.00 Ginn & Co., Boston. This is essentially a laboratory manual, in which one hundred and twenty eight well selected exercises are fully and carefully presented. The grade of work is that of the usual undergraduate course in colleges and technical schools and presupposes that the laboratory work will be accompanied by a course of lectures and recitations in general physics. As far as possible the descriptions are independent of any particular form of apparatus, thus making it available with laboratories of varying equipment. The details of manipulation are adequate, and the the explanations of the generals principles and scientific meaning of the experiments clearly presented. Thirty three tables and 182 illustrations.

Out Door Portraiture. Mathilde Neil, No. 58

Photo-Miniature. Combination Printing. A. Horsly Hinton. No. 59,

Photo-Miniature. 25 cents, each, Tennant& Ward,

New York. No one can have been engaged in photographic work for any length of time without learning of the Photo-miniature series. In a form convenient for carrying in the pocket, each number contains a well written presentation of some special feature of photographic work, as well as numerous notes likely to be of interest. This enables the reader to study such branches of work as he may desire without being en-cumoered with a large book containing much of no interest. The two numbers above mentioned are of particular value, the first to all photographers, and the second to those who have acquired a reasonable degree of manipulating skill.

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