A good business to be carried on with a small capital is that of selling flower and garden seeds and fertilizers. This Dusiness, although it can only be carried on in the spring, gives good profits while it lasts. First write to the nearest wholesale seed dealers who have a good standing for reliable goods. Tell the dealers what you propose to do, and ask for cat alogues and what discounts from the catalogue prices prices they will make to you. Then get a supply of catalogues from the dealer you decide to order from. Next call on your proposed customers and leave catalogues with those who promised to give you orders. State when you will call for the orders and catalogues, and then distribute the catalogues with others. As the season is so short, visit as many people as possible as soon as you can. When you have a sufficient number of orders from customers, make out an order and send to the dealer. Have your orders on the dealer as large as possible, so not to pay express charges on too many lots. It convenient, tomato plants may be sold with good profit. The success of this business will depend upon selling seeds that have a known leputa-tion for being reliable.