A discarded bicycle pump was utilized to make a blow syringe which has been extremely useful about the house, especially in removing dust from the piano, and a description is given with the hope that it will be found of value by other readers of Amateur Work. The shape makes it much more convenient than the bellows commonly used, and the cost, even if a new pump has to be purchased, is much less then for a bellows. In printing offices it would be serviceable for cleaning the dust from the case.

The casting at the lower end of the pump is entirely removed, which is easily done by unscrewing it from the tube. The top of a cheap zinc oil can is then cut off at the proper place to make a good fit for the end of the pump and soldered to the narrow collar that will be found-thereon. In cutting off the top of the oil can, leave about 1/4 in. extra metal to form into a shoulder to fit inside the collar, making the work of soldering an easy matter. Ordinary soft solder may be used with rosin as a flux. The oil nozzle should be removed while soldering to the tube to avoid bending it. It may also be found necessary to file off a small part of the outer end of the nozzle, if a small one is used, to allow a larger volume of air to pass when using the pump.