In that very human little story "Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, " appears this sentence: "Leaders of great enterprises must, of necessity, turn deaf ears to words of discouragement," Which is to say that every great enterprise depends upon the hope, belief, enthusiasm and persistence of some one man.

The world owes its victories to the men who have turned a deaf ear to the pessimists, obstacle hunters, and trouble scientists.

The way to succeed is to prepare for success, and this centering of your thought and time and energy in one direction is the mental macadam that the road of life needs to make the going easier.

Hope awakens the ambition, expectancy stimulates and sharpens the senses, and belief fires the will. Business, like religion, is founded on belief. Every new cult starts in the conviction of some one man. He tells others, and they believe it because he does, and the first thing you know we have a white marble edifice and a million converts.

So that when a man starts out with a proposition that he believes in - whether it is religion, rails or raisins - if he'll just close his ears to the "discouragers, " and look for " encouragers, " it won't belong before he'll have enough followers to rear his temple or steel plant or raisin factory, as the case may be, with buyers waiting at the front door clamoring for back orders.