Organization of the Society Under Way.

The many responses from all sections of the country to the suggestion in the October number regarding the forming of an "American Society of Model Makers" shows the interest to be even greater than was anticipated. Many of the letters would be interesting to our readers, but space will not permit of their being published. They contain suggestions which will be of much value in the work of organizing the society, which, it can now be definitely stated, will be given immediate attention. In all probability the society will be incorporated under the special laws of Massa-chusets, which are very favorable for societies of an educational character.

The membership will, at first, probably be general, but as soon as a sufficient number from any one locality have shown their desire, a local branch will be installed. The replies are already sufficiently numerous to indicate that branches can be successfully established in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco, and other centers will soon have the required number.

As previously indicated, the general object of the society will be for mutual education and self-help. As suggested by several, this could also include the securing of supplies, the general utilizing of patterns for machines, engines, tools, etc., and the exchange of same. Maay other ways in which the society can be helpful will readily occur to readers. It is hoped that the preliminary work of organizing will be completed in time to give details in the December issue. In the meantime, any readers who are interested in such a society but who have not yet advised of their intention of joining, are invited to do so that no time may be lost in organizing branches.