How to Draw. Leon Barritt. 107 pp. 9x12 in. "Numerous illustrations. Harper & Bros., New York. Price $2.00

The basic principles of illustration are set forth in this book in a simple, practical way,thus making it an excellent guide for the beginner who wishes to give special attention to the field covered by the book. Instructions for drawing the head, eye, ear, mouth, hand, feet, and the entire human figure are given, with suitable examples. The work then advances to studies from life, including children and animals: also landscape, together with various methods of work, followed by many plates of examples of the work of leading illustrators. The student will find much of value, especially anyone without the guidance of a teacher, for whom the book was especially written.

Foundry Practice. James M. Tate and Melvin O.

Stone, M. E. 336 pp. 7| x 5 in. 1ll illustrations.

The H. W. Wilson Co. Minneapolis, Minn. Price $1 50. Supplied by Amateur Work.

In the preparation of this book the author had in mind the special needs of the student and beginner in the work. As both writers are of the staff of the University of Minnesota, they have had ample opportunity to learn what is required for a book of the kind, and have most excellently met that demand. To this did numerous examples are given representative of the different kinds of molding, with suitable illustrations to supplement the text. This should also be a valuable help to pattern-makers, as a working knowledge of foundry practice on the part of those making the patterns would undoubtedly result in a better construction of patterns than is frequently met with.