Experiments in Applied Electricity. Arthur J.

Rowland and William B. Creagmile. 181 pp., 8x5 1/2 in. 59 illustrations. Cloth. Price $1.50. McGraw

Publishing Co., New York.

The purpose of the authors was to produce a manual which would meet the needs of students in technical and manual training schools whose courses of study are engineering in character, but with only a limited time for laboratory work. As this is the condition in all but a few of such schools the arrangement and scope of the book will be thoroughly appreciated.

The wide experience of the authors at the Drexel Institute has enabled them to present the several studies of the principles and laws, together with the most suitable experiments illustrating them, in a most practical way, so that the students shall become familiar with the most approved methods of arranging and handling circuits and connections, as well as the apparatus, which too frequently is lost sight of in works of this character. As the apparatus necessary to the experiments can be obtained at moderate cost, the book will be found of much value by instructors and students who are interested in this work.

The 20th Century Bricklayer's and Mason's Assistant. Fred T. Hodgson. 311pp. 7 1/2x5in. 200 illustrations. Cloth. Price $1.50. Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, 111.

Whether amateur or professional, no one can read this book without obtaining much valuable information, as it is exceptionally complete in both text and illustrations. To the rural resident, especially, would it be of value, as by its directions the ability to do the many odd jobs of masonry always necessary around a farm could be readily acquired. On the other hand, the apprentice just starting with his trade would be enabled to make greater progress from this additional knowledge of the principles and practice of his trade. As a book for public libraries it is highly commended.

Modern Locomotive Engineering with Questions. Calvin F. Swingle. 630 pp. 6 3/8|x4 5/8 in. 265 illustrations and two folding sheets. Flexible leather. Price, $3.00. Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, 111. The locomotive of today is a powerful and complicated machine and the training necessary to become a competent engineer requires careful study as well as ample experience. Why the boiler will not steam or why the piston jambs so the lever cannot be thrown, and the hundred and one other things, even to running a hundred miles on a pint of valve oil, as some railroads are today trying to do, cannot be learned with facility or surety, unless the worker is willing to invest in technical books and study them. Those doing this receive their reward in rapid and sure promotion. The book before us is clearly written, has excellent illustrations and well selected test questions at the end of each section, making it an excellent text book for individual study.

Educational Woodwork. A. C. Horth. 160 pp. 168 illustrations. Cloth. Price $1.00 Spon & Chamberlain, New York.

The object of the book is to provide a brief graduated educational course of woodwork, based on a succession of joints, with a model following each joint, and as far as possible based on it. To the American reader the use of the old wood plane with wedged iron will seem rather out of date, nevertheless the directions for the several exercises are the clearly given, as well much general information of value.

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