He gets into trouble immediately, for I never knew a beginner to make good prints from his first package of paper. The thing is very easy when you know how, but the difficulties of explaining in any way except by demonstration before the gas-jet, are very great. The beginner cannot appreciate the necessity for absolute chemical cleanliness which exists. He has developed plates, put his fingers in the hypo, and back into the developer, audit has had no effect on the negative, as far as he could see.

When he makes his Velox prints, he finds mysterious stains and streaks and blotches on them. His expert friend says they are hypo stains. The beginner protests that he washed his hands carefully each time he put them in the hypo. He forgets that once or twice he wiped them on the towel without washing them. That was sufficient. A very minute trace of hypo on the fingers is enough to cause the mischief. It is absolutely essential for the successful working of gaslight papers that the maker shall not touch the hypo with his fingers from the time he begins to print until the last picture is fixed. It is necessary to push the prints under the surface of the hypo, and for this purpose a smooth stick or glass rod should be used. This should be long enough so that the end which is held will not become wet with hypo. In this way it is possible to keep the fingers absolutely clean and avoid the most prolific cause of stains.