Although there is a particular shade of carbon tissue on the market that for moonlight effects leaves little to be desired, it is not every worker who is prepared to turn out carbon prints, says Fayette J. Chuta in "Western Camera Notes." The ferro prussiate or blue print process does not exactly fill the requirements. 1 saw some bromide prints the other day that, without actual side-by-side comparison, I should say were even more pleasing than the same prints made in carbon. The method by which they were produced it as follows: The bromide prints, which should be rather light, are toned to almost a bright red in a bath composed of

Uranium nitrate 40 gr.

Potassium ferricyanide 40 gr.

Acetic acid 2 dr.

Water 16 oz.

and then immersed in a weak solution of iron per-chloride. The change to a bluish green at once takes place.