With two-cylinder engines it sometimes happens that when they are throttled down to go slow, that the throttle valve, while open wide enough otherwise, keeps shutting off the flow of gas entirely. To obviate any difficulty of this kind, says the " Automobile Magazine, " it will be found that a small by-pass drilled in the throttle valve allows the engine to run more slowly. This hole also prevents the objectionable "hunting" of the governor, with the result that the engine runs more regularly. A hole of about one-eighth of an inch in diameter should be quite large enough, but the exact size can only be determined by trial. It is, therefore, advisable to drill a smaller hole and file it out to the required size. To stop the engine when a by-pass is fitted, the ignition circuit must be broken by means of a switch, which should fit so that it can be conveniently operated by hand.

Electric power is now being applied to the currying of horses in Chicago and New York. Two small dynamos are secured to the stable ceiling, and from them long flexible tubes depend, attached to each of these being a small brush buzzing around in a dizzying whirl. All the men have to do is to keep moving brushes about from one part of the animal's anatomy to another. Expert hostlers say it takes about 20 min. to clean a horse with the ordinary currycomb, while only four with the the electric brush. The revolving brush is also said to be be beneficial in causing the blood to circulate properly.