The Canadian exploring steamer, "Arctic" (Capt. Bernier), which has made an extended voyage North Poleward is provided with a novel electric light installation. Since fuel cannot be obtained for the generation of steam, and as the ship will have to spend many months in darkness, it was decided to instal an air-compressor plant which is being operated by a windmill. The compressed air is used to drive the generators, which in turn furnishes current for charging the storage batteries used for lighting the vessel.

It would seem that windmills might similarly be utilized on board of lightships and alongside of light-houses, for generating electricity for illuminating purposes and for the signal lights, in connection with electric storage batteries.

On Nansen's ship the " Fram ", there was a wind-mill electric set installed to give power during her Arctic voyage, and a similar set was placed on the ship "Discovery" during her Antarctic exploring expedition, both of which worked admirably.-"American Shipbuilder."

Very beautiful effects are now obtained by engraving the surface of diamonds. A French jeweller, Bordi-net, has invented tools for this purpose, which, it is said, only his son is permitted to use. Among the surprising things produced is a diamond cut into the form of a ring, polished on the inside, and covered with delicate engraving on the upper surface. Another is an engraved diamond fish. Diamonds are also engraved with armorial bearings. Only in the past few years has it been possible to bore holes through diamonds, but this feat is now accomplished in many cutting establishments. The bored stones are then strung together with other gems, or with pearls.