The American Annual of Photography and Photographic Times Almanac for 1907. 354pp. 9x6 inches. Copiously illustrated. Cloth, $1.25; paper, 75 cents. George Murphy, Sales Agent, New York. This photographic annual is now too well known to all interested in camera work, to require other than a simple announcement of its publication. As noted by the editor, it has with this volume attained its majority, this being the twenty-first book of the series. As becomes such an auspicious occasion, the contents by well known contributors are of more than usual excellence, and both the amateur and professional will alike find much of value. The numerous illustrations are finely done; the practical end is taken care of by some seventy pages of formulas, making in all a book well worth the price.

Hints and Helps for Young Gardeners. H. D. Hemmenway. 60 pp. 9 x 6 inches. 18 illustrations. Paper, 35 cents. Published by the author at Northhampton, Mass.

This book was written with a view to furnishing a low-priced guide to school and home gardeners. Not only is it suitable for youthful gardeners, but also for those young in experience. It contains just the information required by one desiring to cultivate a small flower or vegetable garden, tells where and how to plant, both indoors and out, as well as the care of plants after planting. It is brim full of directions, clearly expressed.

Practical Lettering. Thomas F. Meinhardt. 15 pp. 14 x 9 inches. Illustrated. Paper, 60 cents. The W. W. Henley Publishing Co., New York. The author gives special prominence to a mechanical scale for laying out letters and the spacing between them, which enables letters of any size and. style to be correctly drawn. The principle having been, acquired, this being facilitated by several alphabets of different styles, which are sectioned according to the scale, the worker is able to dispense with much of the-scale work and yet accurately draw and space the letters. It is more particularly adapted to sign painters than for draftsmen, and should be very useful to anyone desiring such instruction.

Complete Examination Questions and Answers for Marine and Stationary Engineers. Calvin F. Swingie, M. E. 367 pp,. 7x4i in. 212 illustrations. Flexible leather, $1.50. Frederick J. Drake & Co., Chicago, 111.

The author imparts his information in the catechet-ital form through some 800 questions and answers. As the questions are short, although carefully worded, and the answers quite full, the result is an exceedingly instructive book, especially adapted for study without an instructor, and during odd moments of leisure time. In addition to the recipocating type: of engine, the turbine receives appropriate mention.