An ordinary cheese box and four pieces of wood 1 in. square and 30 in. long are the materials required to make a very serviceable work stand, having the much desired storage capacity for small articles on the top, and a sizable receptacle for the work underneath.

Cheese Box Sewing Stand 22

As the box is of somewhat less diameter than the cover, the top ends of the legs, which may be three or four in number as preferred, are cut out, and al«o rounded off, as shown in the illu-tration. Long round hard wood screws are put through to secure the legs to the top, and also the bottom part. In addition, several short screws are put through the sides of the lower box from the inside.

The table may be finished by staining and varnishing, provided the box is an attractive one and has been nicely smoothed up. Otherwise, a covering of light, figured cloth will be preferable, although wall paper can be used to good advantage. This part of the work is left to the artistic skill and resources of the reader.