Many persons accumulate in time picture taken from magazines or from other sources, which they would like to have framed but which lack sufficient value to make it worth while to purchase a frame. For such cases the home-made frames here described will be quite appropriate as they are more attractive in the large sizes than the small-Obtain several cypress clapboards, selecting those having the most distinctive graining. These can be secured from nearly any contracting house builder. The thin edge is then cut off, leaving a tapering strip, the width being determined by the size of the frame J to be made.

Inexpensive Picture Frames 20

Strips of pine or spruce about } in. thick are then planed up, the width to be about 8/4 in. less than that of the clapboards, with the outer edges of both even, a rabbet being formed on the inner edges.

The frame can now be made up as with ordinary picture moulding, the corners being mitred and set up with glue, drying between the clamps. The frame is then stained to any desired shade, dark green, brown, gray or mahogany being attractive; in fact, about any color can be used that will harmonize with the room in which the picture is to be hung. The final finish may be dull, using a wax; or bright, using shellac and varnish. Anyone having skill in applying gold or silver leaf can use it in place of the stain, making a very attractive frame.