Printed from large, clear type on a superior quality of paper, embellished with original illustrations by eminent artists, and bound in a superior quality of book binders' cloth, ornamented with illustrated covers, stamped in colors from unique and appropriate dies, each book wrapped in a glazed paper wrapper printed in colors.

By Louis Arundel

1. The Motor Club's Cruise Down the Mississippi; or, The Dash for Dixie.

2. The Motor Club on the St. Lawrence River; or, Adventures Among the Thousand Islands.

3. The Motor Club on the Great Lakes; or, Exploring the Mystic Isle of Mackinac.

4. Motor Boat Boys Among the Florida Keys; or, The Struggle for the Leadership.

5. Motor Boat Boys Down the Coast; or, Through Storm and Stress.

6. Motor Boat Boys' River Chase.

By John Luther Langworthy

1. The Bird Boys; or, The Young Sky Pilots' First Air Voyage.

2. The Bird Boys on the Wing; or, Aeroplane Chums in the Tropics.

3. The Bird Boys Among the Clouds; or, Young Aviators in a Wreck.

4. Bird Boys' Flight; or, A Hydroplane Round-up.

5. Bird Boys' Aeroplane Wonder; or, Young Aviators on a Cattle Ranch.

By St. George Rathborne

1. Canoe Mates in Canada; or, Three Boys Afloat on the Saskatchewan.

2. Young Fur Takers; or, Traps and Trails in the Wilderness.

3. The House Boat Boys; or, Drifting Down to the Sunny South.

4. Chums in Dixie; or, The Strange Cruise in the Motor Boat.

5. Camp Mates in Michigan; or, With Pack and Paddle in the Pine Woods.

6. Rocky Mountain Boys; or, Camping in the Big Game Country.

For sale by all booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of 75c


Complete Editions and you will get the best for the least money

Henty Series


G. A. Henty was the most prolific writer of boy's stories of the nineteenth century. From two to five books a year came from his facile pen. No Christmas holidays were complete without a new "Henty Book." This new series comprises 45 titles. They are printed on an extra quality of paper, from new plates and bound in the best quality of cloth, stamped on back and side in inks from unique and attractive dies. 12 mo. cloth. Each book in a printed wrapper.

1Among Malay Pirates24Lion of St. Mark
2Bonnie Prince Charlie26Lost Heir, The
3Boy Knight, The25Lion of the North
4Bravest of the Brave27Maori and Settler
5By England's Aid28One of the 28th
6By Pike and Dyke29Orange and Green
7By Right of Conquest30Out on the Pampas
8By Sheer Pluck31Queen's Cup, The
9Captain Bayley's Heir32Rujub, the Juggler
10Cat of Bubastes33St. George for England
11Col. Thorndyke's Secret34Sturdy and Strong
12Cornet of Horse, The35Through the Fray
13Dragon and the Raven36True to the Old Flag
14Facing Death37Under Drake's Flag
15Final Reckoning, A38With Clive in India
16For Name and Fame39With Lee in Virginia
17For the Temple40With Wolfe in Canada
18Friends, Though Divided41Young Buglers, The
19Golden Canon42Young Carthaginians
20In Freedom's Cause43Young Colonists, The
21In the Reign of Terror44Young Franc-Tireurs
22In Times of Peril45Young Midshipman
23Jack Archer

All of above titles can be procured at the store where this book was bought, or sent to any address for 75c, postage paid, by the publishers




for Boy Scouts and Others

By OWEN JONES and MARCUS WOODMAN With a Message to Boy Scouts by SIR BADEN-POWELL, Founder of the Boy Scouts' Movement.

One of the essential requirements of the Boy Scout training is a Knowledge of Woodcraft. This necessitates a book embracing all the subjects and treating on all the topics that a thorough knowledge of Woodcraft implies.

This book thoroughly exhausts the subject. It imparts a comprehensive knowledge of woods from fungus growth to the most stately monarch of the forest; it treats of the habits and lairs of all the feathered and furry inhabitants of the woods. Shows how to trail wild animals; how to identify birds and beasts by their tracks, calls, etc. Tells how to forecast the weather, and in fact; treats on every phase of nature with which a Boy Scout or any woodman or lover of nature should be familiar. The authorship guarantees it's authenticity and reliability. Indispensable to "Boy Scouts" and others. Printed from large clear type on superior paper.

Embellished With Over 100 Thumb Nail
Illustrations Taken From Life

Bound in Cloth. Stamped with unique and appropriate designs in ink!

Price, 75c Postpaid


701-727 S. Dearborn St. CHICAGO


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