12mo, cloth. Price 75c each, postpaid.

This is a series of form books relating the adventures of two boys who made a trip around the world, working their way as they go. They meet with various peoples having strange habits and customs, and their adventures from a medium for the introduction of much instructive matter relative to the character and industries of the cities and countries through which they pass. A description is given of the native sports of boys in each of the foreign countries through which they travel. The books are illustrated by decorative head and end pieces for each chapter, there being 36 original drawings in each book, all by the author, and four striking halftones.

1. From New York to the Golden Crate
2. From San Francisco to Japan
3. From Tokio to Bombay
4. From India to the War Zone

For sale by all Booksellers, or sent postpaid on receipt of 75c