Procure a toothed metal rail or rack, A, such as is used for small ladder tracks, and mount it on the lower the Rack on the Lower Guide Rail Provides a Means To Keep the Vise Jaws Parallel edge of the guide rail for the lower end of the vise jaw. Provide a slot, B, in the leg of the bench, through which the rail can run with plenty of play room. A beveled plate, C, is attached to the face of the bench leg at the bottom of the slot, so that it will engage the teeth of the rack.

Attaching A Vise Jaw To A Bench 395

In use, when opening the vise by means of the screw, the rack will drag along the plate, and stop and engage a notch when the opening operation ceases. When it is desired to reduce the opening, it is only necessary to lift the rail by means of the string D. A button is tied to the upper end of the string on top of the bench, to keep it handv for changing the jaw. - Contributed by Harry F. Lowe, Washington, District of Columbia.