The material required for the making of a war kite is three pine sticks, each 60 in. long, one stick 54 in. long, one stick 18 in. long, all 1/2 in. square; 4 yd. of cambric; a box of tacks; some linen thread, and 16 ft. of stout twine.

Place two 60-in. sticks parallel with each other and 18 in. apart, then lay the 54-in. piece across at right angles to them 18 in. from the upper ends, as shown in Fig. 1, and fasten the joints with brads. At a point 21 in. below this crosspiece, attach the 18-in. cross-piece.

The extending ends of all the three long pieces are notched, Fig. 3, and the line is stretched taut around them, as shown by the dotted lines.

If the cambric is not of sufficient size to cover the frame, two pieces must be sewed together, then a piece cut out to the shape of the string, allowing 1 in. to project all around for a lap. The cambric is sewn fast to the string with the linen thread. Fasten the cloth to the frame part with the tacks, spacing them 1 in. apart. The space in the center, between the sticks, is cut out Make two nieces of the remaining goods, one 36 in. by 18 in., and the other 36 in. by 21 in. The remain stick is fastened to these cambric, as shown in the whole is fastened frame so as to make projection. The bri for giving the proper pull on the line to fastened, one to the long stick in the attached to the to the lower Fig. 4. The varied to suit ing 60-in. pieces of Fig. 3, and to the main a V - shaped dle strings, distribution of the kite, are upper end of the V-shaped piece kite, and the other end, as shown in inclination can be the builder by changing the point of attachment of the kite line to the bridle. If it is desired to fly the kite directly overhead, attach the line above the regular point and for low flying make the connection below this point. The regular point is found by trial flights with the line fastened temporarily to the bridle, after which the fastening is made permanent.

How To Make A War Kite 207The Line should be a Very Strong One, Then Banners can be Flown on It

Ill: The Line should be a Very Strong One, Then Banners can be Flown on It

The Sticks are Fastened Solidly with Brads, and the Cloth Sewed to the String around Their Ends

How To Make A War Kite 209How To Make A War Kite 210

Ill: Fig 4

How To Make A War Kite 211