A photographer at a seashore resort, wishing to increase his sales of souvenir postal cards, rigged up a device for producing negatives to make "submarine" pictures. The device consisted of an aquarium, about 40 in. long, 18 in. high and 6 in. wide. The aquarium was designed to stand on edge or the narrow way, and was equipped with rocks, living sea moss, kelp, and some fish, and the bottom was covered with sand and shells.

Submarine Photographs 878

A canvas was hung back of the aquarium and the camera set In front at such a distance as to make a negative of only the water and the prepared sea bottom. Very fine views that will give the appearance of being made at the bottom of the sea can be produced.

Mending Paper-Pulp Utensils Pails, washtubs, and other receptacles made of paper pulp, when cut and worn, may be easily mended with adhesive tape. After this is applied to the place to be mended, give the mended part a coating of paint, and when the paint has dried, the surface is given another coat to match the color of the article mended. Leaks may be entirely stopped in this way at a very reasonable cost. - Contributed by Katharine D. Morse, Syracuse, N. Y.