The accompanying diagrams show a wireless-telegraph system that I have used successfully for signaling a distance of 3,000 ft. The transmitter consists of an induction coil, about the size used for automobiles, a key or push-button for completing the circuit, and five dry batteries. The small single-point switch is left open as shown when sending a message, but when receiving it should be closed in order that the electric waves from the antenna may pass through the coherer. The coherer in this case is simply two electric-light carbons sharpened to a wedge at one end with a needle connecting the two, as shown. An ordinary telephone receiver is connected in series with the coherer, as shown. To receive messages hold the receiver to the ear and close the switch, and answer by opening the switch and operating the key. --Contributed by Coulson Glick, Indianapolis. Wiring Diagram for A Short Distance Wireless Telegraph

Illustration: Wiring Diagram for Wireless Telegraph