A simple accelerometer for indicating the increase in speed of a train was described by Mr. A. P. Trotter in a paper read before the Junior Institution of Engineers of Great Britain. The device consists of an ordinary 2-ft. rule, A, with a piece of thread tied to the 22-in. mark, as shown in the sketch, and supporting the small weight, B, which may be a button or other small object.

A Simple Accelerometer 175

The device thus arranged, and placed on the windowsill of the car, will indicate the acceleration and retardation as follows: Every 1/2 in. traveled by the thread, over the bent portion of the rule, indicates an increase of or decrease of velocity to the extent of 1 ft. per second for each second. Thus, it the thread moved 2-1/4 in. in a direction opposite to the movement of the train, then the train would be increasing its speed at the rate of 4-1/2 ft. per second.

If the thread is tied at the 17-in. mark, then each half inch will represent the mile per hour increase for each second. Thus if the thread moves 1 in., it shows that the train is gaining 2 miles an hour each second.