Make your own sled, boys! There is no use in buying , because your hand-made sled is probably better than any purchased one and then you can take so much more pride in it when you know it is of your own construction. There are so many different designs of sleds that can be made by hand that the matter can be left almost entirely to your own ingenuity. You can make one like the bought sleds and face the runners with pieces of an iron hoop which will answer every purpose. A good sled for coasting consists simply of two barrel staves and three pieces of board as shown in the picture, Fig. 1.

Fig. l Barrel Stave Sled

Fig. l- Barrel Stave Sled

Chair Sleigh

Chair Sleigh

No bought sled will equal it for coasting and it is also just the thing for carrying loads of snow for building snow houses. The method of its construction is so simple that no other description is needed than the picture. You can make a chair-sleigh out of this by fitting a chair on the cross board instead of the long top board or it will be still stronger if the top board is allowed to remain, and then you will have a device that can readily again be transformed into a coasting sled. In making the chair-sleigh it is necessary, in order to hold the chair in place, to nail four L-shaped blocks on the cross boards, one for each leg of the chair. Skating along over the ice and pushing the chair in front of him the proud possessor of a chair-sleigh may take his mother, grown sister or lady friend with him on his outings, and permit her to ride in the chair.

Folding Chair Sleigh

Folding Chair Sleigh Top Parts Disconnected

Fig. 3-Folding Chair Sleigh-Top Parts Disconnected

Fig. 4 Folding Chair Sleigh Open

Fig. 4-Folding Chair Sleigh Open

A folding chair sleigh is even more enjoyable and convenient than the device just described. If the ice pond is far from home this may be placed under your arm and carried where you like.

The illustrations, Figs. 2 and 3, show all the parts as they should look before being joined together. The seat may be made of a piece of canvas or carpet. The hinges are of leather. Figure 4 shows the folding chair sleigh after it has been put together. Skates are employed for the runners. The skates may be strapped on or taken off whenever desired. When the chair is lifted the supports slip from the notches on the side bars and fall on the runner bars. The chair is then folded up so that it can be carried by a small boy. With regular metal hinges and light timbers a very handsome chair can be constructed that will also afford an ornamental lawn chair for summer. Fig. 6 Folding Chair Sleigh Closed

Illustration: Fig. 6-Folding Chair Sleigh Closed