The accompanying sketch illustrates a practical method of clamping ice skates to hold for grinding the small arc of a circle so much desired.

The U-shaped clamps are made of 3/4-in. soft steel with the opening 6 in. deep and 5 in. high and are bolted to a block of wood, 2 in. thick, 6 in. wide and 12 in. long. The skate runner is adjusted to the proper height by 1/2-in.. set and thumbscrews. The block of wood holding the clamp and skate can be pushed along on the emery-wheel table in front of the revolving wheel. Skate Runner Fastened in Clamp

Illustration: Skate Runner Fastened in Clamp

If properly adjusted, a slight concave or hollow can be made full length of the runner, true and uniform which will hold on the ice sideways and not retard the forward movement. --Contributed by Geo. A. Howe, Tarrytown, New York.