Layout the pattern for the on a thin piece of paper, 9 by 12 in., making the arcs of the circle with a pencil compass. As shown in the sketch, the pattern for this particular shade covers a half circle with 2-3/4 in. added. Allowance must be made for the lap and as 1/4 in. will do, a line is drawn parallel 1/4 in. from the one drawn through the center to the outside circle that terminates the design.

Nail a thin sheet of brass, about 9 in. wide by 12 in. long, to a smooth board of soft wood, then trace the design on the brass by laying a piece of carbon paper between the pattern and the brass. After transferring the design to the brass, use a small awl to punch the holes in the brass along the outlines of the figures traced. Punch holes in the brass in the spaces around the outlined figures, excepting the 1/4-in. around the outside of the pattern. When all the holes are punched, remove the brass sheet from the board and cut it along the outer lines as traced from the pattern, then bend the brass carefully so as not to crease the figures appearing in relief. When the edges are brought together by bending, fasten with brass-headed nails or brads.

If a wood-turning lathe is at hand, the can be made better by turning a cone from soft wood that will fit the sheet-brass shade after it is shaped and the edges fastened together. The pattern is traced as before, but before punching the holes, cut out the brass on the outside lines, bend into shape, fasten the ends together and place on the wood cone. The holes are now punched on the outlines traced from the pattern and the open spaces made full of holes. The holes being punched after the is shaped, the metal will stay and hold the perfect shape of a cone much better.

The glass-beaded fringe is attached on the inside of the bottom part with small brass rivets or brads placed about 3/4 in. apart. The thin sheet brass may be procured from the local hardware dealer and sometimes can be purchased from general merchandise stores. --Contributed by Miss Kathryn E. Corr, Chicago. Punching the Holes Completed Shade Pattern

Illustration: Punching the Holes Completed Pattern