Vanishing Handkerchief Trick

The necessary articles used in performing this trick are the handkerchief, vanishing wand, a long piece of glass tubing, a bout 1/2 in. shorter t h a n the wand, and a paper tube closed at one end and covered with a cap at the other, says the Sphinx. The handkerchief rod, shown at C, is concealed in the paper tube A before the performance. The glass tube B, after being shown empty; is put into the paper tube A, so that the handkerchief rod now is within it, unknown to the spectators. The handkerchief is then placed over the opening of the tube and pushed in by means of the wand. In doing this, the handkerchief and the rod are pushed into the wand, as shown in D. After the wand is removed, the cap is placed over the paper tube, and this given to someone to hold. The command for the handkerchief to vanish is given, and it is found to be gone when the glass tube is taken out of the paper cover. This is a novel way of making a handkerchief vanish. It can be used in a great number of tricks, and can be varied to suit the performer.

Vanishing Handkerchief Trick 561

Removing 36 Cannon Balls from a Handbag

The magician produces a small handbag and informs the audience that he has it filled with 20-lb. cannon balls. He opens up the bag and takes out a ball which he passes to the audience for examination. The ball is found to be the genuine article. He makes a few passes with the wand and produces another ball, and so on until 36 of lie on the floor. Balls Made of Spring Wire

Illustration: Balls Made of Spring Wire

In reality the first ball, which is the one examined, is the real cannon ball, the others are spiral-spherical springs covered with black cloth (Fig. 1). These balls can be pressed together in flat disks and put in the bag, Fig. 2. without taking up any great amount of space. When the spring is released it will fill out the black cloth to represent a cannon ball that cannot be distinguished from the real article. --Contributed by J. F. Campbell, Somerville, Mass.

A Rising Card Trick

A rising card trick can be accomplished with very little skill by using the simple device illustrated. The only things needed are four ordinary playing cards and a short rubber band. Pass one end of the rubber band through one card and the other end through the other card, as shown in the illustration, drawing the cards close together and fastening the ends by putting a pin through . The remaining two cards are pasted to the first two so as to conceal the pins and ends of the rubber band. Card Slips from the Pack

Illustration: Card Slips from the Pack

Put the cards with the rubber band in a pack of cards; take any other card from the pack and show it to the audience in such a way that you do not see and know the card shown. Return the card to the pack, but be sure and place it between the cards tied together with the rubber band. Grasp the pack between your thumb and finger tightly at first, and by gradually loosening your hold the card previously shown to the audience will slowly rise out of the pack. --Contributed by Tomi O'Kawara, San Francisco, Cal.

A Sack Trick

The magician appears accompanied by his assistant. He has a sack similar to a meal bag only on a large scale. The upper end of this bag is shown in Fig. 1, with the rope laced in the cloth. He then selects several people from the audience as a committee to examine the sack to see that there is absolutely no deception whatever in its makeup. When they are satisfied that the bag or sack is all right, the magician places his assistant inside and drawing the bag around him he allows the committee to tie him up with as many knots as they choose to make, as shown in Fig. 2.

The bag with its occupant is placed in a small cabinet which the committee surround to see that there is no outside help. The magician then takes his watch and shows the audience that in less than 30 seconds his assistant will emerge from the cabinet with the sack in his hand. This he does, the sack is again examined and found to be the same as when it was first seen.

Sack Trick Holding the Rope Inside the Bag

Sack Trick-Holding the Rope Inside the Bag

The solution is when the assistant enters the bag he pulls in about 15 in. of the rope and holds it, as shown in Fig. 3, while the committee is tying him up. As soon as he is in the cabinet he merely lets out the slack thus making enough room for his body to pass through. When he is out of the bag he quickly unties the knots and then steps from his cabinet.-Contributed by J. F. Campbell, Somerville, Mass.